Hi Kerri & RAB friends,

We know everyone says this, but we are definitely some of the luckiest people who have been blessed with an amazing dog. About a year ago we adopted Boomer and instantly fell in love when we picked him up at the airport that Friday night. We moved into our new home the following day. Let me say that it was quite the experience during the first month or so, not the easiest and without a doubt challenging, as we all tried to get to know each other and get comfortable in our new home. There were times we had thought we might have taken on too much and that we were doing something wrong. There were many sleepless nights and hours of barking. Needless to say we leaned on Kerri (Fairy godmother of all boxers) with all of our questions and concerns and every time we would call in a panic she would calmly send us in the right direction! She would bring over dogs to play with him and get him socialized. Thank you for that.

After some obedience classes, private training sessions and tips from Kerri we got a better idea of what works best with Boomer. We made things very simple with setting up boundaries and routines and Boomer has come a long way. As each day passes we learn more and more about Boomer, he’s the typical goofy kind who loves nothing more than cuddling with you or playing around! He loves playing bite-bites, with dogs and even Ryan. He loves hitting the trails for hours and running along Spanish Banks Beach. He has so much love to give and we couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog that fits with us. Boomer now comes along with us on Home Visits as we tell our story to many others and he is quite the charmer and great with kids! All in all, every minute has been worth it to see the remarkable companionship we’ve built with Boomer and the endless rewards of laughter and fun!

Thank you for everything!

Ryan, Paula and Boomer