From time to time one of our rescue's requires medical attention of one nature or another.  When this is the case, we turn to our "Boxer Angels" to lend a hand in paying for vet visits, surgeries, medications etc.  This is on a case by case basis.  Donations to this dedicated account are used ONLY for medical expenses.  Your donation will go directly to the Medical Care for the dogs you see below.  They need your support.  Please help.



When we find these kids abandoned at shelters with no family to call their own we WISH they could talk. Unfortunately we have no idea why Trio was abandoned or what someones thought process was to do a distal amputation. What we do know is that Trio has a very deep infection due to excess trauma and irritation to the stump. It is a chronic thick skin infection called lichenification and is present quite high up his leg. To alleviate the lichenification a long term antibiotic and topical treatment would be needed. Along with nothing touching the "stump area". The infection runs deep and it could be months before this would clear up. The best medical advise given for Trio was to take the amputation up to the femur. The uncomfortable infection would be gone and Trio would continue to be the happy boy that he is. Honestly the idea of amputation is usually more traumatic for us humans than it is for the dog. There is lots of three legged kids out there living the life!!!  Trio also needs to have a very lump removed and to be neutered.   





A lot of you have followed the story of 'Naked Marv'. He is doing really well combating his mange but still has live mites. So we are doing all we can for him on that regard. Marv takes tons of supplements and mange medication to try to beat this. But it is still a work in progress. So far we have spent over 1300$ on Marv's care and there is way more to come.  


When Marv was neutered, we found out that he was missing a tooth. It was x-rayed and showed that Marv had a baby tooth that never broke the surface. That tooth proceeded to grow into his jaw bone. Marv now has a large cyst in his jaw. The procedure to remove this is extensive and requires a bone graft once it is removed to secure the weakness in the jaw.

Without the surgery, down the road, Marv's jaw could break and be extremely painful and he would be unable to eat. The surgery is scheduled for late September.

The surgery estimate is over $3000. We need your help.   Please help us to help Marv.





 MARV Needs YOUR help



This is Pearl.  Everyone's favorite little white lady!! Pearl started her life not knowing comfort or proper medical care. Tazzy Fund stepped in and saved her. Pearl had one of the worst Mass Cell tumor surgeons had ever seen. Today Pearl is now living the life! Unfortunately Pearl's body keeps making Mass Cell tumors. Our little girl deserves to live the life she was meant for, for as long as possible. Pearl will have surgery on Tuesday. Please help by donating to Pearl.








Tripp has Meningitis. Our sweet little man hasn't been feeling good at all. We had a fabulous Internal Medicine Specialist (who treated our Owen) step in and help us. She realized this was serious and got Tripp an emergency apt at CanWest with a neurologist. Tripp has Meningitis. We are lucky that they are very hopeful he will fully recover. Keep him in your thoughts as he fights hard!! He is an amazing for all he has been through in his short life.  Please donate to help Tripp.







*Tax receipts will be mailed for donations over $25*


Thank you to ALL our Boxer Angels!!!!