I can’t say enough about RAB….they truly are an amazing organization with incredible people who absolutely love boxers and want to find them a loving home.

My sister Claire and I lost our first boxer about three years ago and were absolutely devastated.  We both said we would not get another dog but one day I went into a pet store and there was a business card…RAB!  I saw this and got really excited and went home to my sister and said that I think we should rescue a boxer.  We filed out the adoption form and within days Jennifer and her husband came to our house and interviewed us in great depth.  We were elated when they told us we were the ideal candidate to adopt a boxer.  Not long after we met they called us to let us know they have found a boxer that would be ideal for us.  We were so very excited but at the same time we realized that it was too soon after our first boxers death so we said that we had changed our minds.  Jennifer was so understanding and was very appreciative of the fact that we were honest and we ended the conversation with her saying that when we are ready to call them back.

About six months later we decided that we were definitely ready.  We were a little anxious to call because of what happened earlier but they agreed to meet with us again and talk about adopting again.  After a long meeting they agreed that we were in fact ready to adopt and that they would find us another boxer.  My sister and I were very clear and specific on what we wanted in our boxer…the biggest one being that he/she was not aggressive towards other dogs because our last one was. 

They called us shortly thereafter and said they found the perfect match for us and we were soooo excited.  The dog was being flown out on a Monday.  But the day before our new boxer was coming we got a call from Jennifer saying that they noticed that the dog seemed to be showing some aggression towards other dogs and felt at this time it would not be a good idea for us to have him.  But they would keep looking for another dog for us.  We were so disappointed but at the same time grateful that they were honest and upfront.   

Later Jennifer called saying they had another boxer that was the volunteers' favorite and thought she would be a great fit.  However, this Boxer was a different color and had a different look then what we originally wanted.   But we said YES the moment we saw her picture! We were in love.  Our Abbie has to be the most adorable, loving, loyal, special boxer and we are so very grateful to RAB and Jennifer.  We have had her two years now and we absolutely adore her and she doesn’t have an ounce of aggression in her.  THANK YOU RAB from the bottom of our hearts….you truly are amazing!

Tracey May